Saturday, September 20, 2008

Palin Media Timeline

I, like many other Americans, have been following stories related to Sarah Palin. Since Palin was announced McCain's VP pick, the media has been digging up all kinds of information about her. I've compiled a time line of media stories relating to Sarah Palin. I've done my best to date each story when it first surfaced on the internet, but because there are so many regarding her there may be inaccuracies. Click on the dates for story links.

August 29th: McCain announced that Sarah Palin is his VP choice and the media frenzy begins.

August 29th: Palin does not think global warming is man-made.

August 30th: Nasty rumors circulate that Trig Palin is actually Bristol's, but they're totally false.

August 30th: Troopergate surfaces.

Sept 1st: We discover Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant.

Sept 2nd: Video of Palin speaking at her former church surfaces.

Sept 2nd: Palin's earmarks spending comes out.

Sept 2nd: Palin is against abortion for incest and rape victims.

Sept 2nd: Levi Johnson, Bristol Palin's baby's father.

Sept 3rd: Palin speeks at the RNC.

Sept 3rd: Palin denies affair.

Sept 4th: Palin Switched Colleges 6 times.

Sept 4th: Palin RNC speach nets $1 million dollars.

Sept 5th: Heart doesn't like Palin using their Barracuda song.

Sept 5th: Oprah won't let Palin on her show.

Sept 7th: Palin has yet to speak with the media.

Sept 8th: Obama calls Palin out on "Bridge to Nowhere".

Sept 8th: Palin's friends appear on GMA.

Sept 8th: Photoshoped Palin appears on CNN.

Sept 9th: Palin charges victims for rape kits.

Sept 9th: Palin billed state to live at home.

Sept 9th: McCain connects Obama lipstick remark to Palin.

Sept 10: Rumors surface that Palin attempted to ban library books.

Sept 11th: Palin has a sit down interview with Charles Gibson of ABC.

Sept 12th: McCain lies about Palin's earmarks on The View.

Sept 12th: Todd Palin is Subpoenaed.

Sept 13th: Tina Fey plays Palin on SNL.

Sept 13th: Palin speaks solo.

Sept 14th: Hillary says "No Palin".

Sept 14th: Alaskans protest Palin.

Sept 16th: Palin won't speak to troopergate investigators.

Sept 16th: Palin supports another bridge project.

Sept 16th: GOP sues to stop troopergate.

Sept 16th: Clinton declines invitation because Palin invited.

Sept 17th: Palin on Hannity and Colmes.

Sept 17th: Palin's email hacked.

Sept 18th: Todd Palin won't testify.

Sept 19th: Palin disinvited from rally.

Sept 19th: Palin has yet to release tax returns.

Sept 19th: But Palin approved the trooper's trip!

Sept 19th: Palin "Road to Nowhere".

Sept 19th: O'Reilly hacked because of Palin hack.

Sept 19th: Palin wants to meet Afghan president.

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