Saturday, September 20, 2008

Palin Media Timeline

I, like many other Americans, have been following stories related to Sarah Palin. Since Palin was announced McCain's VP pick, the media has been digging up all kinds of information about her. I've compiled a time line of media stories relating to Sarah Palin. I've done my best to date each story when it first surfaced on the internet, but because there are so many regarding her there may be inaccuracies. Click on the dates for story links.

August 29th: McCain announced that Sarah Palin is his VP choice and the media frenzy begins.

August 29th: Palin does not think global warming is man-made.

August 30th: Nasty rumors circulate that Trig Palin is actually Bristol's, but they're totally false.

August 30th: Troopergate surfaces.

Sept 1st: We discover Bristol Palin is 5 months pregnant.

Sept 2nd: Video of Palin speaking at her former church surfaces.

Sept 2nd: Palin's earmarks spending comes out.

Sept 2nd: Palin is against abortion for incest and rape victims.

Sept 2nd: Levi Johnson, Bristol Palin's baby's father.

Sept 3rd: Palin speeks at the RNC.

Sept 3rd: Palin denies affair.

Sept 4th: Palin Switched Colleges 6 times.

Sept 4th: Palin RNC speach nets $1 million dollars.

Sept 5th: Heart doesn't like Palin using their Barracuda song.

Sept 5th: Oprah won't let Palin on her show.

Sept 7th: Palin has yet to speak with the media.

Sept 8th: Obama calls Palin out on "Bridge to Nowhere".

Sept 8th: Palin's friends appear on GMA.

Sept 8th: Photoshoped Palin appears on CNN.

Sept 9th: Palin charges victims for rape kits.

Sept 9th: Palin billed state to live at home.

Sept 9th: McCain connects Obama lipstick remark to Palin.

Sept 10: Rumors surface that Palin attempted to ban library books.

Sept 11th: Palin has a sit down interview with Charles Gibson of ABC.

Sept 12th: McCain lies about Palin's earmarks on The View.

Sept 12th: Todd Palin is Subpoenaed.

Sept 13th: Tina Fey plays Palin on SNL.

Sept 13th: Palin speaks solo.

Sept 14th: Hillary says "No Palin".

Sept 14th: Alaskans protest Palin.

Sept 16th: Palin won't speak to troopergate investigators.

Sept 16th: Palin supports another bridge project.

Sept 16th: GOP sues to stop troopergate.

Sept 16th: Clinton declines invitation because Palin invited.

Sept 17th: Palin on Hannity and Colmes.

Sept 17th: Palin's email hacked.

Sept 18th: Todd Palin won't testify.

Sept 19th: Palin disinvited from rally.

Sept 19th: Palin has yet to release tax returns.

Sept 19th: But Palin approved the trooper's trip!

Sept 19th: Palin "Road to Nowhere".

Sept 19th: O'Reilly hacked because of Palin hack.

Sept 19th: Palin wants to meet Afghan president.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Purrfect Friends

I've had quite a few bad experiences with cats in my life, cats and I just didn't seem to get along. I first learned about the "birds and bees" from cats. When I was three years old my mother's cat gave birth at my feet, on my bed. My mother, having a soft spot for cats, would take in the local strays. One stray bit my younger sister, who was two at the time, and she was in Children's Hospital for a few days. That was the end of the whole stray thing. We then relocated from Northern Kentucky to Ohio, and cats were not permitted, so cats were out of my life for a few years.

My next experiences with cats were less than pleasant. In middle school, we moved again, and this time cats were permitted. So my mother adopted a new cat for my younger sister, almost ironic, and the thing was completely psychotic. See, my mother adopted the cat from some of her friends, and these friends had pretty much allowed their children to abuse an entire litter. The children would pick the poor kittens up by their tails and toss them, they no doubt found the whole thing extremely amusing.

So, it's no surprise that the new cat completely hated children/teenagers, and would torment me to no end. She would do things such as claw her way up my daybed's dust ruffle, and scratch me while I was trying to sleep. I could go on and on about the things the cat did to me, made me miserable, but I'll just end it here, my mother got pregnant, had a baby, and thankfully, that cat went on to a shelter.

Now not all cats are bad, but from my various experiences with my own cats, and the cats of my friends, I was pretty determined to keep them out of my life. But then my husband came across a cat at our local pet store. He's usually the one who runs up there to pick up our dogs food, and apparently he had seen the cat up there a few times. Having had good experiences with cats, her started to take pity on her, often walked up to her cage to pet her, and visit her.

Of course, when he brought up the subject of adopting her, I was completely against it. I explained to him, in detail, almost all my bad experiences with cats, and told him plainly, cats and I just don't mix, ain't going to happen. But he was persistent, and really wanted me to go up and see her, and I agreed, thinking he's going to witness me and the cat not mix. But low and behold when I get up there, and I see her living in a ferret cage, and how not mean to me she was, my heart started to bleed. We didn't exactly click right away, but we didn't rub each other wrong either.

Madison, the cat, was being put up for adoption by a local cat shelter, Purrfect Friends. The lady offering Madison, agreed to let us "test" her out for a week, to see if she would get along with our dog, a Shih Tzu. It was unknown if Madison would get along with dogs, but it was known she doesn't get along with other cats. Madison was left outside by her original owner, and taken in by a neighbor. The neighbor had other cats, who ended up attacking Madison, and now if she sees another cat, she fuzzes up and hisses, and that's how she ended up with Purrfect Friends.

To keep a long story from getting even longer, things have worked out, in fact, Madison and I have grown quite close. She doesn't have a problem with our Shih Tzu, and our Shih Tzu doesn't have a problem with her. Occasionally they'll get a little irritated with each other, the dog will try to bark her off when both our vying for my attention. She's a sweet, little cat, weighing only about five pounds or so, and she and I snuggle quite often. It's nice how pets can make you feel very important.

If you live in the Cincinnati Area, and are looking to adopt a new cat, I highly suggest checking out Purrfect Friends, you can even browse the cats they're trying to place on the internet at Petfinder.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Grrr, Blogspot

Blogspot has been giving errors all day when attempting to change templates, it's very frustrating. I'm slowly starting up, and now that I really want to get into customizing the way my blog looks, I can't. Hopefully they'll fix it soon.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Taste of Ike

Power outages continue to plague the Cincinnati area after our brief taste of Ike. According to

There were 247 calls for power lines down, 31 reported structure fires - though the worst were in Over-the-Rhine, where several Italianate buildings erected in the 1800s were damaged - and 58 outdoor fires.
There are also 6 reported fatalities.

My family has been extremely lucky, though the power has been out in our surrounding area, we only lost electricity for about two hours on Sunday. Monday, our traffic lights were out, local businesses were closed, including our grocery, and the roads were still hazardous. My husband commutes to Kentucky, and claimed he had several brushes with possible accidents on the way. We had dinner from White Castle in Roselawn.

Today, our local traffic lights are working, and the local grocery is open. I'm actually about to run up to Kroger to buy toilet paper, we've been out since Sunday. But, according to my husband, traffic lights are still out around the city, and commuting can be quite the pain.

Palin Indian Hill Appearance Canceled

Those who were willing to pay $10k to get their picture taken with VP nominee Sarah Palin are out of luck. Due to the storms and power outages, she canceled her scheduled appearance in Indian Hill. Palin was supposed to appear at noon at the home of John Barett, Ceo of Western-Southern Financial Group.

The prices:

$2,500 to just get in the door.
$10,000 to have your picture taken with her
$25,000 for a private reception before lunch

Her interview with Sean Hannity was also canceled, but those of us who aren't ultraconservative weren't expecting much from it anyway. Instead, Hannity will be interviewing her Wednesday in Youngstown. I highly recommend watching anything else on TV instead, or if your power is out, watch some paint dry, you'll get more out of it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alaskans Protest Palin

A sight that warms the liberal heart. Got Hope?

Windy City Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Bengals played the Titans today, and just as my hubby and I were getting into the game, our power started flickering off and on. Outside the wind was gusting, tree branches were slapping against our windows, and we got to experience just a small taste of Ike. According to my family, the winds started at around 30 mph, and went up to around 50. Halfway into the first quarter of the game, our power went off for good, leaving us without electricity for about 2 hours.

Unlike sensible people, instead of staying inside where it's warm and safe, we had a birthday party to head to. We left the house just as our power came back on. Outside, the roads were littered with fallen twigs, and not a single traffic light was working. The wind was still blowing, rocking our car at times, and it was all rather freaky.

We drove from Finneytown up to Montgomery, and witnessed the extent of our neighborhood's damage first-hand. Many large branches had fallen, most narrowly avoiding the houses below, or stopped by another branch in the tree and left dangling. Whole trees were completely uprooted, and a couple of houses we drove by were missing vinyl siding. With the traffic lights all out, each intersection felt as we were risking our lives, people didn't seem to understand the concept of four-way stopping. On the highway, large branches blocked entire lanes, and empty cars were left on the shoulders with their emergency lights on.

When we left our house, our destination still had power, but as we arrived, their power had also gone out (and is still off as I write this). We grilled a quick birthday dinner outside, then quickly returned home after the presents were opened. We were visiting for around two hours, and on the way home, the streets were a lot clearer. Traffic lights were still out, but it seemed city crews had done a pretty decent job of clearing out the streets, or those without power could have done it out of boredom.

Our house is surrounded by tall trees. After a bad rainstorm last year, we actually had one of the trees fall in our back yard, narrowly missing the house. Luckily, this time around we only have twigs littering our back yard.

My very first post!

So this is officially my very first blog post ever, yay! I will be using this chunk of webspace to spread my daily opinions, internet finds, articles I think up, and many other things that interest me and that may interest you.