Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Taste of Ike

Power outages continue to plague the Cincinnati area after our brief taste of Ike. According to

There were 247 calls for power lines down, 31 reported structure fires - though the worst were in Over-the-Rhine, where several Italianate buildings erected in the 1800s were damaged - and 58 outdoor fires.
There are also 6 reported fatalities.

My family has been extremely lucky, though the power has been out in our surrounding area, we only lost electricity for about two hours on Sunday. Monday, our traffic lights were out, local businesses were closed, including our grocery, and the roads were still hazardous. My husband commutes to Kentucky, and claimed he had several brushes with possible accidents on the way. We had dinner from White Castle in Roselawn.

Today, our local traffic lights are working, and the local grocery is open. I'm actually about to run up to Kroger to buy toilet paper, we've been out since Sunday. But, according to my husband, traffic lights are still out around the city, and commuting can be quite the pain.

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